Decorating with Clocks


Decorating with Clocks

One great thing about using clocks as decorations is that they are both functional and attractive. An alarm clock in the guest room is a necessity, since the guests should always be able to wake themselves. So why not also use the clock as a decoration? Wall clocks are a great item for adding something to a small house or apartment. Or if you have some room to spare, try placing a clock on a bookshelf or tabletop.

Style Is Everything

Too often we think of clocks in utilitarian terms, simply as something to be used rather than enjoyed. If you’re searching for a new clock, try getting a unique, attractive clock that will fit with your decor.

There are clocks that will fit perfectly with any decor style. Kids’ bedrooms are the perfect place for a wacky, colorful clock. And what game room is complete without an Elvis Presley clock? For a more traditional living room or adult bedroom, nothing can beat an antique style wood clock.

Wall Clocks

Rather than simply sticking the clock on the first blank spot you see, place it in an arrangement with other items as you would a picture or a mirror. Items on the wall can be integrated by working from a virtual horizon. Don’t just think horizontal, though. The virtual lines can also run vertically and diagonally.

Something Different: Clock Arrangements

For a decor arrangement you don’t see everyday, try placing several clocks together. Simply arrange the clocks as you would pictures or other items. Create unity by choosing a common theme or color scheme. With all the hands synchronized and moving together, the sight will be impressive indeed.


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