Furniture Arranging Tips


Furniture Arranging Tips

Different rooms need different arrangements depending on size and shape. However, there are certain guidelines that will help create a comfortable environment in a variety of spaces.

Living Rooms

The living room furniture should all be arranged around one particular focal point, possibly a fireplace or entertainment center. The focal point should be anchored to the wall, while the furniture, space permitting, should be moved away from the walls to create intimacy. In bringing your furniture closer together, just be sure to leave pathways several feet wide.

Seating arrangements are very important for comfort and socializing. To encourage conversation, keep chairs within 8 feet of each other. Also make sure that each seat has a table within easy reach. End tables should be the same height as the arm of the chair, and coffee tables should be 14-18 inches from the couch to allow plenty of leg room.


Accent the bed as a focal point by placing a trunk or baskets at the foot. An attractive head board also helps draw attention to the bed. You can create balance by placing matching night stands on each side of the bed. For a similar effect with a sitting area, place side tables on each side of matching chairs or a sofa.

Placing the furniture at an angle will help create a more interesting set up. Placing the furniture diagonally also makes the room seem bigger.

Multipurpose Room

One of the most important functions of the furniture in a multipurpose room is to define clearly the different areas. A folding screen is one great way to do this. You can also give each section its own area rug. If one of the room’s uses is dining, be sure to leave at least three feet of space around the dining table.


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