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It's All About The Style

Publish Date: 25-05-2023

Creating a glamourous look in your living room, if you are a family of four with growing children and the living room is the most used space in your home, is going to prove to be highly impractical. Sleek and stylish furniture is almost never hardwearing. However, if you have a formal living room which is not used on a daily basis, it is the ideal space to create a chic, glamourous and stylish look. Luxurious fabrics, elegant furniture, glittering metal accessories, glossy glass tables, plush rugs and glitzy light fixtures are all things needed for a refined and glamourous design style. Some really good stores here in Dubai make putting this look together quite easy and convenient.Functionality of furniture, although being the primary purpose, the style of the furniture you choose to place in your home speaks volumes about your personal style preference. Now knowing this, choosing your furniture does become more a matter of aesthetics, wouldn’t you say! Your personal style preference in fashion could be smart, chic, glamorous or casual or it could be more about how the fabrics feel or more based on colour combinations. You could go with a certain style in clothing only because of the way it makes you feel. Whereas, when I comes to interior design, style can mean many things but just to sum it up, it is about creating an interior of great taste flowing within the home in a harmonious, practical, comfortable, balanced and aesthetically pleasing manner.