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Which space do you want us to work on?

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Frequently Asked QUestions

How does a design package work at Decorster

Decorster design packages are divided based on the type and the number of rooms that you want us to design for you. (Read more)

What do I get in a single room package

Package Detail (Read more)

How do I know what package is suitable for me

Method 1: At Decorster, design packages are recommended based on your style preference, budget and your level of design knowledge. (Read more)

How does one single room design package differ from the other

Details of single package (Read more)

What is custom packaging? How does it work

Custom packages are tailor made packages that gives you an option of selecting our services that assist you right from the design (Read more)

Is there any price advantage if I buy a package for more than one room

Yes, we recommend our client to select more rooms in order to get a final price advantage. The more rooms you select the better the price you get.