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Material matters!

Publish Date: 24-03-2023

Materials have a way of shaping the atmosphere we try to create in our homes. Its colour and texture have a say in the over-all design scheme, subtle may be but surely definitive. Metal or wood, leather or fabric, synthetic or natural, wallpaper of paint, these choices influence the energy of the space. Once you have decided on the ambience and feeling you want to create in a space, a specific interior design style you want to follow and you have chalked out the layout of the space based on the earlier two points, it is time to choose the right type of materials. Different materials, with their contrasting or similar texture and look, have a way of tying a design together or creating a particular mood in a room.

Marble countertops or flooring when matched with other objects with golden finish create an ultimate luxurious style. Glass tables, due to the transparency of glass, maintain or help create a spacious feel. Any kind of wooden flooring adds warmth and cosiness to any interior. Metals add a clean, sleek and modern look but are also cold. A combination of wooden furniture and natural fabrics bring an earthy natural vibe into a room. When mirrors are used as wall covering, it creates an illusion of space. Shaggy rugs add to a casual cosy look, whereas silk Persian rugs help to amp up a classic luxury vibe.

Floor Finishes

Engineered wood flooring: This is a great choice if you are looking for real wood floor because you love all things natural. This is much less expensive than hardwood but is made of real wood, nonetheless. Extremely versatile, it can add value to any interior style and feels cool in summers and warm in winters.

LVT: Luxury Vinyl Flooring is the new kid on the block which is made of vinyl but mimics wood perfectly in terms of looks. Scratch proof and extremely low maintenance. Perfect choice if you don’t care about thing being all natural around you.

Tiling: The choice of tiles available today is absolutely great. Marble adds a super luxurious touch. Factory made ceramic tiles are a very practice as well aesthetically versatile choice. Tiles with glossy finish have a slight reflective quality which adds a spacious feel to any room.

Wall Coverings

Wall panelling: This is a great way to add a subtle luxurious touch to any interior. Extremely versatile as wood panelling can be painted to any effect, glossy for chic and matt for cosy feel.

Stone cladding: Natural stone cladding adds a very textured look and works very well as a focal feature as it can be very eye-catching and hence can be used only for a feature wall. It can prove to be high maintenance with our dusty weather here in Dubai. But if you love the look of it, its well worth that extra dusting work!

Wallpaper: A wide variety of wallpapers is available today from paper to bamboo to vinyl to acoustic wallcoverings. It is a practical option which can be used in endless creative ways. Any design style or ambience you want to create there is a wallcovering option to go with it.