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Light up the ambience

Modern lighting techniques have developed, far from being just a necessity, into advanced systems that can be utilized to create different moods influencing the overall ambience of any room. Lighting has an effect on the colour scheme and textures used in any interior. It can be used creatively to bring certain textures like stone cladding into sharp relief through the interplay of light and shadow or you can completely obscure certain elements in the room by highlighting others.

When it comes to lighting design, planning in advance is key. Make sure it is never an afterthought. To create the perfect lighting design, it needs to be developed along with the colour scheme, furniture layout, choice of fabrics and textures and the overall interior design style; and I would say before any civil works are carried out as concealed wiring is an essential part of the execution of a successful lighting design plan. You would want to consider aspects such as the main function of the room, the furniture style, the colour scheme, the types of textures when drawing up your lighting design plan. In the picture above, the pendant lights perfectly compliment the metals framework of the furniture throughout the space.

All this may sound overwhelming, so let’s just break it down a bit. For planning your lighting design what you need to know is that there are three layers of lighting, ambient lighting, task lighting and decorative lighting. Ambient lights such as recessed spotlights fixed all along the ceiling or cove lighting around floating ceiling panels or uplighters on walls form the base layer of any creative lighting plan. Spotlights and track lights that are fixed to highlight wall art or a floor lamp in a reading corner are task lights that add another layer to the overall lighting plan. Decorative lamps, as the name suggests, can be used purely for their aesthetic value and can be used as focal points to enhance the décor of the room which means that you may want to choose them carefully to match the general interior style.

Here is a list of a few points that may help you when choosing lights for you home:

The style of the lighting fixtures adds to the overall look and feel as much as the brightness they will provide. Consider the style of your overall interior design style when selecting light fixtures as you would for all other accessories.

If you choose a decorative chandelier or pendant lamp, don’t add another competing focal point.

If a room or passageway has a low ceiling and is small, add uplighters to make the space look feel larger.

To make a large room seem cosier, try using diffused downlights that are also dimmable to create a relaxing ambience in the evenings.

Plan the placement of lighting controls carefully to make them accessible easily and consider two-way switches for larger rooms.

Dimmable cove lighting is an effective way to create the right mood and ambience for a comfortable living space.

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